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Bergen Card

Order now! BERGEN CARD

Bergenskortet-Experience Bergen in a practical and affordable way!

When you order the Bergen Card at, you will receive a link to your digital Bergen card in your order confirmation. (Check your Spam Filter if you don't receive the email)

You open it on your mobile phone or tablet. To activate the card, tap the Activate field and confirm. The card is then active and you can start using it. The card will count down so that you can always see how long it is valid.

The card can be distributed to several units if you have bought a card for several people, and want to divide it up and use it in different locations at the same time.

The card can be stored locally on the home screen on your phone so you don't have to be online to use it.

Beware that the card does NOT include train routes operated by Vy

PRICES 2023 - adult/child (3-15 years old):
24h: NOK 340/100
48h: NOK 420/130
72h: NOK 500/160
96h: NOK 580/190

The card cannot be canceled or refunded. But remember that you can use the card whenever you want within 1 year, regardless of the date you have chosen for your order.


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